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SciFi 100

A Graphics Challenge for Scifi Fans

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Science Fiction 100
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sci fi graphics challenge
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Hello and welcome to scifi100!

This is an graphics challenge in which you’re suppose to make 100 icons (or gifs/wallpapers/vids) of a chosen sci fi subject. It’s great fun! Quite simple really. Just keep reading for rules and some useful links.

Your very friendly and loving mod is pnr, and her trusty bannermakers helping her are purple_dolphin9 and from_the_corner. If you want to contact the mod, the best thing is to comment in the FaQ post or another appropriate post (if it’s about you claim, go to the claim post for example).

Layout coding was done by artphilia, the header was made by pnr

Claim Post
Hall of Fame
Get a neat table
Become an Affiliate

H O W    T O    &    R U L E S
First of all you have to join the community, which will automatically get you posting access (the posting is however moderated). Then you have to claim something. When you’re done, be sure to post with a link to a complete table (that includes all 100 icons). That way I can tag properly. Then just comment at the Hall of Fame to get a banner if you want that and to be entered in the big list.

You have 3 months to finish all 100 icons (or whatever medium you've chose. I'll keep using icons as example, caus eit's the most common claim by far). If you claim more than one claim at the same time (which you’re very welcome to do... claim how many things you like!) you still only have 3 months to finish all the claims. You’re also allowed to claim "overlapping" claims... like if you’re one month in on one claim, you’re very much welcome to claim something else and work on them both for some time. And you’ll have three whole months for the second claim too of course.

You can claim the very same thing as someone else, it doesn’t matter.

You have to make 100 icons (but you’re free to include alternatives or bases if you want to) and 50 of them have to follow the themes. There are three theme sets to choose from (Alpha, Beta and Gamma), but you can’t mix them (unless of course you claim the same subject two or three times... at the same time, making 200 or 300 icons). The other 50 icons are Artist's Choice.

You can post small batches of icons as your work progresses, but please don’t update with just two. Make it at least fifteen of more between posts k? And when you’re all done, make a final post that links to all 100 icons.

Please use teasers (max 3 of them) and cut the rest. You can post in the community itself and use a proper cut, or just link to your own journal. But make sure your entry isn’t locked!

When you post please include this info:
Topic: (i.e. Farscape)
Subject: (i.e. season 4)
Theme set: (i.e. Alpha)
Type: (i.e. icons)
Batch: (i.e. batch 2, 43/100 icons)
Notes: (no need to include this if you don’t have any notes)

It’s good if you use a table when posting your icons. That way it’s easy to keep it neat and we can all see which icon is for what theme (yes, I want you to always specify which theme which icon is for, k?) We have two tables that’s already neatly coded for you, one for each theme set. Get them here! Of course you can change colours in them, or make your own table. But remember to include the themes.

No extensions will be issued unless requested.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
S I S T E R    C O M M U N I T I E S
celeb_100 character_100 daily_icon episodic100 fantasy100 fifty_icons heroes_100 iconaday icons100 musicon100 narnia_100 ncis_100 onlytexticon100 swsaga100 tvcharacters100 xf100 xmen_100icons
_fantasticons babylon5contest bsgstillness bstg_icontest chiefstillness claudia_stills doctorwho20in20 elitescifi farscape_20in20 firefly_is_epic, fireflyhush fs_icontest fs_lims galactica_icons good_galacticon goodswicons haven_iconest huntericontest iepisode inthesanctuary jrock_stillness karastillness otherworldlyric scifi_stillness scifi_abc katee_stillness sanctuary20in20 scifi_turbo_rum scifieps20in20 sgwomen_itest songamonth stargate_icons stargate20in20 stargate365days startrek20in20 starwars20in20 swordandsandal tapping20in20 the_histories v_lims xfile_stillness

If you wish to affiliate please comment here

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